Sisters- An Eternal Bond


Though all human beings are born equal, sisters are the most peculiar creatures among all. For sisters are capable of being one of the most evil, wicked witches and the sweetest( And I am talking,’ I bake cookies everyday just for my sister’ sweet, here), adorable angels, all in just one hour.

And they keep interchanging between these two roles for the rest of their life. From babies to bitches,from toddlers to teenagers, from school to senility they have stuck by your side, and they will be there no matter what. Whether it was tantrums, mood swings,’The awkward, chubby kid’ phase, ‘ The punk teenager’ phase, the ‘ I dyed my hair blonde’ phase, you name it, they have seen it all.( like they would ever let you forget).

But through it all, they have managed to love you in a way only a sister can. Never ever underestimate your sister, they know almost each and every little secret of yours( more than they let on). But don’t worry, they would never reveal your secrets because they know you will and you do return the favor. And whatever you do, don’t ever dare to mess with sisters. They will unleash all hell upon you.

Now you can agree or disagree, or just agree to disagree but according to me, here are some of the finest highlights of having a sister and being a sister. I am not saying they are all good, they might be bad, annoying, weird too but they are the finest and most precious memories of the bond shared by sisters.


Now when I was younger, my fights with my sister used to contain a little bit of everything.( hair tugging, punching, boxing , biting, scratching, etc.) I am just kidding, it never got that bad. (… or am I? If you have a sister, you will know) Now I can’t remember what the fights were about.

After about the first five or six, you just loose track. But at least more than one of them were about the remote control. Sometimes, okay all the time, you tend to overreact. Like:

ME: OH MY GOSH!! You never listen to me! I always have to compromise.
MY SISTER: OH PLEASE!! I always have to listen to you, whine and crib.
(at this point, one of us has the other in a headlock)
( Dad walks in)
ME: YOU ARE THE BEST SISTER EVER!!!( While hugging her tightly)

I am not saying they always made sense. But we always made up quickly. You can’t survive a day without talking to your sister. Plus, you make a great roommate, because you know how to get past people’s small, annoying habits like a pro!

And someday, when you are about 90 years old and you are sitting in a rocking chair with her, these crazy fights will make you smile and laugh hysterically. And you will be telling your sister,” Bitch, i can still take you down the way I used to when i was nine.”


Whether it’s clothes, shoes. accessories, food, books , everything that can be shared is shared.And it is one of the best perks of being a sister! We are super generous human beings.
Although if you break or loose their stuff. Um, not so much.

MY SISTER: Where are my favorite blue heart shaped earrings?
ME: Didi, you won’t believe there was a huge bird and it just swept in from the window annn-

Well, in my defense, sometimes stuff just slips, okay!


When you have a sister, you will always have a friend around. Someone who will listen to you, watch movies with you, someone who is always ready to go shopping with you.

They were your bffs long before you even knew what a bff is. And they were there for you, when your other so-called best friends ditched you. They taught you what true friendship meant and what it means to be a true friend. And they always, always have a hug in store for you.


The word sister doesn’t really do justice to all the sisters in the world. Because being a sister is like being a parent, a friend, a guidance counselor, a roommate, a guru, a true soul mate.

And when you look at your sister , you see a little part of you in her and a little part of her in you. When they move away, these little sometimes irritating, sometimes sweet, sometimes hilarious moments are what you will miss the most. But it doesn’t matter even if they move halfway across the world, they will always be close to your heart.

Some people go through life searching for unconditional love but they never find it. But if you have a sister I congratulate you, for it was always there right beside. If I were to loose everything but as long as I have my sister, I would still be okay.

But god forbid if I had everything and I lost my sister, I wouldn’t even be able to stand. Because whatever it is that you are going through, your sister will always be there to share the pain and the joy. Truly, she loves you unconditionally. So now that you have revisited all your sisterhood memories, go and give your sister a big, bear hug.

( Those of you who don’t have a sister, not to worry, you will always have your unbiological sisters, your best friends.)


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