Stray thoughts-My blog, My space

Have you ever felt an urge, an instinct inside you driving you on, to pursue something, a long lost dream? a new found hope? Random, stray thoughts pulsing through your mind? But then, did you ever take a look around you, see all those masterminds who were already a whole lot better than you, did you feel like a little kid trying to play a grown up’s game? And so, did you give up on that warm glowing gut feeling inside you because of all the fears you experienced in the real world?

I have always wished to pen down my thoughts, my stories and my words.But whenever I would try I would question myself, “What if I am not good enough?”,”What if everyone mocks my writing?” and I would tell myself that there are so many better, smarter, craftier writers than me, So, What’s the point of writing at all? What’s the point of even trying? Every time I let my fear of failure grow bigger than my love for writing.

But now I know that it’s not about success or failure, it’s not about winning or loosing, it’s not about being good or being bad. It’s about doing what you love solely for the purpose of doing what you love.Because when I write I don’t write for the world, I write for me.

Sure,at first, it seems like every word, every line, every paragraph, every article is missing something and I have to resist the urge to rip off every page and chuck them in the trashcan.

But as someone once said, the worst thing you ever wrote is better than the best thing you did not write. And slowly(sometimes excruciatingly slowly) the words just come to me naturally and then it just a matter of putting down all my stray thoughts on the paper and weaving all the words together to form a beautiful story or a powerful message.

I also wanted to do something to inspire others, something that could make someone smile when they feel like they are about to cry. something that could make you laugh at the end of a long, rough day, something that makes you realize that who you are and what you are is more than enough.

I wanted to make others feel good about themselves because when I do that, that’s when I feel good about myself. And if my thoughts are forever stuck only inside my head then they won’t do anyone any good.

Blogging seemed like the best way to do that by simply, doing what I love.Stray thoughts is that new beginning for me- A place to be myself and express myself without inhibitions.

If you ask me what I’m going to blog about, I won’t be able to give you a clear answer. Because I go with the flow and wherever it is that my heart and my own wayward, stray thoughts leads me. All I can say is that I’ll try my best to make it worth your time.

And whoever you are, if you are reading this post right now, if there’s something that you want to do, but you are hesitating because you fear that you might mess up or that people might ridicule you, remember, if you never try,you will never know. You won’t start out as the best.



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